20 Thousand Lake(Bish Hajar Taal) Guide

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                     20 Thousand Lake Guide

        It’s very hard to find a peaceful place in the busiest city of country. 20 Thousand Lake is in the busiest city names Bharatpur. The lake is very attractive for the bird lovers and serves as an important bird watching center. The lake area houses lots of crocodiles and thus is equally attractive for the reptile lovers. The Lake Lies nearby Chitwan National Park. 20 Thousand lake lies just 5 km south from the city center (Chaubishkothi) of Bharatpur. Here is the best 20 Thousand Lake(Bish Hajar Taal) Guide-:

The amazing fact about this lake is that  when we see the lake from the sky, the shape of the lake is like 20,000.

    The 20 Thousand lake lies inside Chitwan National park has good environment there. Some wild animals specially crocodiles and rhinos are found often near 20 Thousand Lake. Different birds migrate to lake from the Northern Pole of the earth in search of Suitable environment. In winter the Northern poles are very cold and to escape from the massive cold, birds migrate to lake.

   How to visit?

   It depends how you would like to go to lake. If you want to go from market area so you can take a taxi or bus, taxi can cost you around $0.5-$2 per person.


   Things to do..

   You can do boating, watch birds and animals and so on..on 20 Thousand Lake..Boating cost around $2-$3. You can also do picnic and gropu short party..


   You don’t need to stay on lakeside because it is very near from city but if you want to stay then there is a resort which can cost you $10-$50 per night.

Note: 20 thousand lake is the most cheapest place to visit around Chitwan. An average person can complete this trip under $10-$50 but it depends upon you..

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