Bandipur Trip Guide

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                              Bandipur Trip Guide

       Bandipur is the hill-top settled municipality in Tanahu District. Bandipur was established on 18 May 2014 AD. Before 2015 this place was unknown, no one was excited to visit this place but from 2016 this place become one of the best tourist destinations of Nepal. Bandipur is famous for Newari people their culture and food. 

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      Bandipur is located at 27.56 N, 84.23 E and an elevation of 1030m on mountain saddle, (Mahabharat range), approximately 700m above the Marsyangadi River Valley, 143 km to the west of Kathmandu and 80 km to the east of Pokhara. Since 1998 it is connected by 8 km road from Dumre (Prithivi highway).


                         To reach the main area of Bandipur there is a road network of 8 km from Dumre to Bandipur bazar. You can use your own vehicle as transportation, if not you can get the good service of transportation from dumre bazar, mostly bus,zeep and taxi are used as public transport service. If you choose bus then it cost less than NRS.100 for Nepali and can cost more for foreign people.


                     You can get a comfortable hotel to spend your night in Bandipur bazar. There are more than 50 hotels and a homestay in Bandipur. In the hotel you can get a room in about $12-$200 (NRS.1,200-20,000). As well as you can stay at home stay which will fells you completely as traditional nepali home. 

    Place to visit around Bandipur:

            1. Bandipur Market: It is the main Market of Bandipur with is so beautiful due to it’s traditional houses with stone tiles insert of roads, you can’t take vehicles inside market.
            2. Top of Bandipur: There is the high hill which can be seen form market but you can visit that place by walking through stairs, which takes around 15 min from market. You can see the complect view of bandipur, dumre, and othes hills and mountains  from top.
           3. Siddha Gufa (cave): Siddha gufa is a cave which is the largest cave of Nepal and ranks on the top beautiful caves of Asia. It takes around 30 min to reach siddha gufa from main market.
Bandipur Trip Guide, Bandipur, travelwithsagun, Bandipur hotels
Pic: Way to Siddha Gufa

4. Tudikhel:
Tudikhel means the big open ground with is just unbelievable in hills. You can enjoy the view of hills and mountains from tudikhel.

  There are also lots of things to do in Bandipur, you can enjoy the newari and local culture and try the traditional and local food of Bandipur..After some years the glass view tower is going to establish in tudikhel. 

So here you have got the required information to visit Bandipur, if you have any question then ask us on comment section and If you want to make a best travel plan on low price then contact us on facebook page. Click👉Facebook

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