Chitwan National Park Guide

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                            Chitwan National Park

         Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal. It was established in 1973 and also granted the status of a World Heritage Site in 1984. I cover’s an area of 952.62 km2 (367.81 sq mi) which makes it

        If you are searching a best online guide for Chitwan National Park, you are at the right place. There are lot’s of things to do in Chitwan National Park and it’s budge is also not so high..So, here I gave you some important knowledge about Chitwan National Park that you should know before visiting like how to travel chitwan national park, how to book tours and so on..

     1.How to reach?-:

                                 This is the most asked question about Chitwan National Park. It lies 179 km away from Flight, The flight from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal is available to reach Chitwan which cost about
If you want to come Chitwan National Park through Bus then you have lot’s of option, you can travel from Normal bus or you can also travel through Tourist Bus, simple bus cost about $4-$5 from Kathmandu and Tourist Bus can cost around $7-$20 because there is all kind of facility on tourist bus  like: AC,Food,TV,Wifi etc.. Than last option is to rent a taxi which around $10-$50. 

     2. How much will it cost? -:

                                        This is also the most asked question, Price of this trip depend upon yourself because there are lot’s of things to do in Chitwan National Park so you have to choose yourself.. You have to pay the entry fee which cost around $20 for foreigners and can cost NRS.150 per person for Nepali. By calculating an average If you explore Chitwan National Park completely it cost around $100-$200 if you travel from kathmandu on a Tourist bus.. For the different activities it cost you different which I have given on next paragraph..

     3. Things to do in Chitwan National Park-:

                                         There are lot’s of things to do in CNP but you have to choose them your self. So I have given some famous activity-:
                  I. Elephant ride: This activity let you to visit the main area of Chitwan National Park and you can see lot’s of animals by sitting on Elephant. It cost around $15-$30 to explore CNP through elephant.
                   II. Jeep ride: This activity is just like elephant ride but you can explore CNP(Chitwan National Park) with the help of Jeep..It cost around $15-$30 per person
                   III. Boat ride: In this activity you can ride a boat by yourself or can hire a person to explore the river of Chitwan National Park and it can cost you $10-$15 per boat.

                    IV. Museum visit: In the museum of CNP you can find the lot’s of dead animals, skin of animals, bones of dead animals and so on..It cost around $2-$5 for foreigners per person and can cost NRS.50-100 for Nepali. 
                    Extra activity: You can also do lots of other activity like: Play with elephant, see the animals, Try traditional food, local products etc..

   4. Stay-:
             You can find out lot’s of hotels and home stay on Chitwan National Park.. Hotels cost you around $10-$100 and a home stay can cost you around $10-$50.. 

One horned Rhino

So I gave you all the required information about Chitwan National Park..If you have any questions then you can ask on comment box or If you want any information related to Blog then you can inbox me on Instagram..My ID link-:


Writer: Sagun Poudel

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