Chundi Ramgha Travel Guide

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                     Chundi Ramgha

      Chundi Ramgha is a village lies in Bhanu Municipality , Tanahu District,Nepal . Actually Chundi is the name of river Chundi River, which flows through the lower lands of Ramgha base. The first poet of Nepali Language hence known as Aadikavi (early poet) Bhanubhakta Acharya was born in Chundi Ramgha. Today this place has become the one of the famous tourist destination center.
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Picture Of Bhanubhakta Acharya, Chundi Ramgha Travel Guide

 How to reach-:

      Chundi lies about 160km far from Kathmandu via. Prithvi Highway. You can get a direct bus or you can take a bus from any place of Nepal to dumrea and a taxi from Dumrea to Chundi. Direct Bus is hard to find so a bus from Kathmandu to Dumrea cost $4-$5 and a simple taxi from Dumrea to Chundi cost around $0.5-$1. And after that you have to walk around 5-10 minutes.

Things to do-: 

       You can do lot’s of things there, there is a open ground where you can have a small picnic. Then the important part about this place is you can find various traditional art written in stone and walls.

Stay/ food-:

   Mostly people doesn’t stay here but you  can find the average hotels here where you can spent you night and take food also. Hotels can cost you around $3-$6. 

More information-:

   After visiting this place there a very beautiful place named Bandipur , which is about 1.5hrs far from Chundi.
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Writer: Sagun  Poudel

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