Devchuli Hills Travel guide

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                               Devchuli Hills Travel Guide

    Devchuli hill  is the one of the tallest hill in the Nawalpur district of Nepal with the height of 1936 metres. It is considered as cultural place where both magar people of hills and tharu people of terai workship. Apart from being culturally relevant, devchuli hill is also famous for hiking and camping.
Thousand of tourist visit this place in a week because of it’s beauty..
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How to reach?

   If you are from  Chitwan or Kawasoti then first you have move for the place named Pargatinagar which is almost 26km from pulchowk Chitwan. Then you can find lot’s of public jeep which will take  you to the devchuli hills.Jeep will cost you about $1-$5. Or if you have your own vehicles then move straight from Pargatinagar market then you and watch the map given in the last of this page. From Pargatinagar it’s almost 18km to Devchuli. Then you will reach the homestay of Devchuli hills. The view tower of hill is little far from homestay where you have to do hiking. 

Food and Stay-:

   There is a homestay for your good stay and food. Homestay will cost you about $20-50 with food. Or you can also choose for only stay and make your own food or you can also do camping.  

Place to visit-: 

      There are lot’s of places to visit around Devchuli Hills. There is a view tower from with a complete view of hills and terai can be seen, you can also do hiking and move to the top of hill where a clear view of hills and mountains can be seen. As well as there is also a cave which is hidden and you can visit with the help of locals. 
So here you have got the required information to visit Devchuli Hills, if you have any question then you can ask on comment box and if you want to make a travel plan then contact us on Facebook Page. Click👉 Facebook
Writer: Sagun Poudel

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