Flight VS Road Trip In Nepal

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                                  Flight VS Road Trip In Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked and developing country that’s why the main transportation in Nepal is Road ways and Flight but the railways and rope are also developing very fast. Two-Third part of Nepal is covered by the hills and mountains, that’s why development of good roads is very difficult in Nepal. But the road ways is considered as the main and cheapest transportation in Nepal. Here we are going to compare the

Advantages of Flight in Nepal-:

In Nepal flight is best for business man or any other people who come here not as tourist. Advantages-:

1.Fast transportation: If you are going somewhere for business or you have to go urgently then        flight is best because of fastest transportation service in Nepal.

2.No traffic like road: In the cities you can found some traffic in roads but if you travel from        flights  you won’t get traffic problems.

 3.More safer then roads: Due to the hilly curved roads in Nepal flight is considered more safer than  road ways.

4.Clear view of mountains from top: When flight go high you can have a amazing view of top        mountains.

 5.More security: Flight is more secure than roads, you don’t need to care about any unsafe activities  inside flight of Nepal.

Dis-advantages of Flights in Nepal-:

If you are in Nepal as tourist then you shouldn’t prefer flights. Dis-advantages-:

1.Expensive: Flights in Nepal is considered as the expensive transportation service in Nepal. Due     to  the hills and difficulties of airport the flights in Nepal are expensive.

2.Can’t see the view of hilly road: If you are travelling as tourist you can’t have a good nature view from flight as compare to road.

3. Due to hilly region, one mistake of flight can make huge damage: Mostly Nepal’s land is          covered  hills and flying plans in hills might be difficult then terai.

Advantages of Road Ways in Nepal-:

If you are travelling Nepal as tourist Road Trip is Best. Advantages-:

1.Cheapest transportation: In Nepal road ways are considered as the most cheapest transportati- on service in Nepal.

2.Clear view of hills, rivers along road, water fall: Most of roads of Nepal are linked by hills      that’s why you can see lot’s of water falls and rivers will go along with road.

  3.Feels like driving on heaven due to nature: If you are driving in the hills of Nepal you will      feel like driving in heaven due to it’s amazing beauty. You can have a good memory while in    the roads of Nepal.

Dis-advantages of Road Ways in Nepal-:

1.Unsafe on curves roads on hills: Roads of Nepal are unsafe on the mountains due to curved    roads but if you are good driver you can have a good drive.

  2.More traffic in roads of cities: On the big cities of Nepal you may get lot of traffic which        may  make you late.

3.Low quality of roads on some part: On the mountains of Nepal, the road condition is very      bad, due to rocky land this things is happening.

Comparison of Money:

 1.  Flight: Kathmandu To Pokhara- For Nepali And Indians’$50-$70′ For foreigner:’$100-$150′

 2. Bus:      Kathmandu to Pokhara-For every one-: $5-$7

3. Taxi:     Kathmandu To Pokhara-For every one-: $20-$100(depends upon Service)

 Road Ways Services-:

1. Local Bus: Kathmandu To Pokhara: $5-$6

2. Luxury Bus: Kathmandu To Pokhara: $10-$40 (with food, washroom,etc..)

3. Taxi/Car: Kathmandu To Pokhara: $10-$50(depends upon passenger and service)

4. Private Car Booking: $30-50 per day.

Flight/Air Ways Services-:

1.Local Flight: For Nepali And Indians-: Kathmandu To Pokhara-:NRS. 5000-6000

2.Local Flight For Foreigners-: Kathmandu To Pokhara: $90-$145.

3.Private Helicopter Booking-: For Nepali, Kathmandu To Pokhara: NRS.80,000-1,00,000

4.Private Helicopter Booking For Foreigners-: Kathmandu To Pokhara: $1000-$1200

5. International Flight: USA To Nepal-: $1500-$1700(depends upon season)

Note: There are lot’s of helicopter and flights available in Nepal which cost can be different. If you want to know then you can contact us for booking on our facebook page.

Hope, you got the required information on the comparison of Flight VS Road Ways in Nepal. If you have any questions then ask us on comment section and IF you want to make personal best travel plan then contact us on Facebook or Mail. Click to Contact👉Facebook

Writer: Sagun Poudel

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