Ghalegaun Travel Guide

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                 Ghalegaun Travel Guide 

         Ghalegaun is the popular scenic tourist destination with an elevation of 2,100 metres above the sea level in Lamjung District. Ghalegaun is also known as Asia’s model tourism village. It lies in Kwholasothat rural municipality of Nepal. 

Here you can got the required information related to Ghalegaun like how to travel Ghale Gaun, Budge and so on..


         1. How to reach? 

                    There is a road of 185.8 km from Kathmandu(Capital of Nepal) to Ghalegaun via Prithvi Highway. You can take a direct bus from Kathmandu to Ghalegaun which cost you about $6-$9 OR you can take a bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar(175.8km) and you can do trekking from Besisahar to Ghalegaun or can take a Jeep or bus. 

       2. Stay 

              You can get a home stay  on Ghalegaun where you will get a traditional nepali home and food. Homestay will cost you around $10-$20 per person for a night stay and food will cost you $5-$20 per time. There are others hotels which are under construction.. You can also use your own camp and do camping..  The peoples of Ghalegaun are very helpful and kind so you don’t need to fear about any problem.. If you felt some problem then just tell the villages they will also help you by giving a stay on there own home.

     3. Things to do-:

              Trekking, Traditional food, Talk with old people, Enjoy the view of mountains and hills, Enjoy the nature, Waterfall, River, Know the traditions and culture, sing and dance with villagers etc.      
 The average person should take an average of $100-$200 for a complete 7 day tour. You can book the trip from our facebook page and Instagram.. just message us..

Writer: Sagun Poudel  

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   Ghalegaun Travel Guide
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