Ghansikuwa Travel Guide

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               Ghansikuwa Travel Guide

       Ghansikuwa is a famous tourist destination in Tanahu District in the Gandaki Province, Nepal. It is famous for a pond constructed by Ghansi, a local who worked as grass cutter. Bhanubhakta was inspired by the activity of the Ghansi, so he has noticeably mentioned him in his creations. Today, you can see the statues of Bhanubhakta and Ghansi, inside the park premises and the well preserved pond, left to the park. The cool air flowing from the nearby Chisaudi Khola and easy access to the place, has made the place an attractive travel destination during weekends. 
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     How to reach?-:

         Ghansikuwa just lies on the side of Prithvi Highway. From Kathmandu it’s about 145km. If you are travelling from Pokhara to Kathmandu or via Prithvi Highway you can easily visit this place. If you are travelling for long time via Prithvi Highway then you can have a good small picnic or you can also come here for picnic.


       There are lot’s of hotels near Ghansikuwa, the simple hotel will charge you around $5-$15. You can have a good stay and food there.

   Things to do-:

       In Ghansikuwa, you can do lot of things like: You can have a good picnic, you can enjoy the fresh air inside park and around Ghansikuwa there are lot’s of places to visit..
   Hope you have got the required information to visit Ghansikuwa, if you have any questions then ask us on comment section. If you want to make the best travel plan then contact us on Facebook page. Click👉Facebook
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