Is Nepal Safe For Camping?

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          Is Nepal Safe for Camping?

      Yes, Nepal is pretty safe for the travelers to do camping. If you are camping for the first time in Nepal then you don’t need to worry about any things in Nepal but you must ensure the place where you are going to do camping. More than half land of Nepal is covered by jungles go you must camp near the houses or villages other wise you might have danger from wild animals.
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   Camping near National Parks of Nepal might be very danger due  to wild animals so you must ask the villagers about the place. Nepalese people is so kind and helpful so if you face some problems then you can take help from villagers, as well as you can ask for stay on villages and the villages will help you.
   Camping near big rivers might be also danger because of overflow of rivers you should ensure the river condition. In the rainy season, it’s very danger for camping near riverside and lakes.
  You should fear from the peoples because Nepalese people are very kind and helpful but should take care of your money bags.
    Hope you got the required information for your next camping in Nepal, If you have  any problems then you can ask us on comment section. If you want a best travel plan for your trip in less price then contact us on facebook. Click👉Facebook
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