Lumbini Travel Guide

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                                Lumbini Travel Guide

   Lumbini is located in the Rupandehi district of southern Nepal, close to Indian border. It is renown for being the official birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama who became The Buddha. The main site is known as Lumbini Development Zone which is sealed in by a perimeter fence. Bordering the zone is Lumbini Bazaar which is a small village/town where accommodation, restaurants and transportation service can found. How to travel Lumbini? For thing question, here is the best Lumbini Travel Guide-:
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Most see highlights in Lumbini

1. Lumbini Temple/Mayadevi Temple:  This is the main place where Buddha was born. Transport: Walk or taxi.
2. Mayadevi pond: This is the place where mother of Buddha take bath before giving birth to Buddha. This is located just behind of Mayadevi temple.
3. Buddhist Temples: Insert of Mayadevi temple there are lot’s of others temple made by different countries in the memory of Buddha, the temples are all around the Lumbini Zone.
4. Lumbini Museum: It is made on the memory of Buddha, lot’s of things of Buddha are kept inside museum.

How to get to Lumbini

1. Flight: Fly to Bhairahawa from Kathmandu then take a bus, taxi to Lumbini which is about 30 minutes away. Airline cost you around $70-$100 one way.
2. Bus: From Kathmandu it’s 6-9 hours and it costs you $7-$10(according to bus, tourist or causal bus) From Pokhara it’s 6-9 hours and costs you around $7-$10(according to bus type). From Chitwan it’s 5-6 hours and can costs you around $4-$7.  From any of those starting destinations you can reach Bhairahawa or there are also some bus which takes you directly to Lumbini Zone.  If not then you can take a taxi or local bus to lumnini from Bhairahawa which is about 20mins rout which can cost you around $0.8-$3( according to transport service you choose)

Entrance fees for Lumbini

There is only one ticket price plus a video camera ticket available at the main gates. The Lumbini entrance fee is free for Nepali and $5 for foreigner and NRS(Nepali rupees) 16 for Indian and NRS 200 for SAARC countries.
Video camera fee for foreign nationals is $7.5 and Professional filming can cost you around $350
Still Camera fee for Nepali & Indian Nationals: NRS.15 and Video camera fee is NRS.200 for Nepali and Indian and NRS.5,000 for professional filming.
Note. Any updated fee will written on the ticket office board. 

Hotel cost

Simple hotel can cost you around $15-$30 and a luxurious hotel can cost you around $100-$500. 
After this you got the complete information required to visit the Lumbini. If you have any questions you can ask on comment section and if you want a extra travel plan you can ask us on our facebook page..Click here to reach our Facebook page:


Writer: Sagun Poudel

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