Megha Park Travel Guide

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                      Megha Park Travel Guide

      Mega Park is well known park in Nawalpur District, Gandaki Province, Nepal. It lies on the side of Narayani River which makes it more beautiful and peaceful place.Mostly people come here in a group for a picnic but you can also do lots of things inside this place. There is the some guide to visit this place.

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How to reach?-:

      Mega Park is about 25km far from Chitwan. At first you have to take a bus from Chitwan which takes you to the entry road of Mega Park. Bus will cost you around $0.5. The bus will left you behind the side of CG temple. Then you can get local taxi from entry point. It is about 2km from CG to Mega Park.

Stay and Food-: 

     If you are planning to do picnic then you can get all the items inside park, and if you are going for visit only then there is a hotel where you can have good food and stay. One night stay will cost you about $6-$15. 

Things To Do-:

      You can do lot’s of things inside park you can have a picnic but you have to pay for picnic sport if you have a large group, if not then you can have small picnic inside park or at ground. You can do lot’s of things like-:    
             1. Boating on short lake ($1 per boat for 30min)
             2. Picnic
             3. Visit the river side with amazing view
             4. Ship ride on Narayani River (under construction) 
             5. Playing activities 
             6. Small Zoo visit,etc.

Important information-:

        Mostly people visit Mega Park on group for picnic, so if you are planing to do picnic on this place then you have to book the picnic spot for better facilities. To book the picnic spot you have yo pay about $20-$40. But if you are planning to visit with small members then you don’t need to pay for sport because you can have food on hotel too.. 
Hope you got the required information about Mega Park, if you have any questions then ask us on comment section. If you want to make a best travel plan the contact us on facebook page. 
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