My Journey Of Manang To Mustang

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                                 My Journey of Manang to Mustang

      Manang and Mustang, the dream of every people. Manang and Mustang are the most famous and tourism place of Nepal which lies in the Gandaki Province of Nepal. When the adventure word comes, with that the word ‘Manang and Mustang’ also comes together. Every people want to visit manang and mustang but the question comes with that, that is ‘How much it cost?‘ and ‘can we complete our journey?
So here I gave your all the required information related to this journey in brief.
      There are two ways to start journey, one is from Kathmandu to Manang and again Manang-Pokhara-Mustang. But it takes long time and money. So another way is from Kathmandu-Manang-Thorang la Pass-Mustang. But remember that, thorang la pass is situated on the high altitude so, you have to walk more than 20km. But you can reach Mustang from 15km rout. 
        Here I gave the information related to my journey of Manang To Mustang through Thorang La Pass.
On the way you can also visit lot’s of others places.

       Day 1. Kathmandu to Besisahar : Besisahar is 175.8 km far from Kathmandu. You have to take a bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar which takes around 5-6 hrs drive. At that day you have to stay at hotel of Besisahar which can cost around $3-$20 for a room per night and food cost around $2-$10 per person.

        Day 2. Besisahar to Braga : This way is almost 95km. First you have to take a Jeep from Besisahar (cost almost $15-$25)which takes you to the place name ‘Pisang’ then you have to walk or can take local transport from Pisang to Braga which is almost 14 km. Note.( Don’t forgot to enjoy the beautiful water fall and a under pass on the way to Pistang from Besisahar ) Then you can book a hotl on Braga which cost almost $10-$30 and food cost around $4-$10 per time.
        Day 3. Braga to Tilicho Base Camp: On this day you have to trek almost 7 hours from Braga to Tilicho Base Camp. You can stay a night on hotel which cost almost $10-$30 and food cost about $6-$10 per time. Note: Road of this way is difficult and snow fall can occur.
       Day 4. Tilicho Base Camp to Tilicho Lake and return upto Shree Kharka: This way is so difficult, In this day you have to wake up early morning and you have to do whole day trek. In this day you can get chance to visit Tilicho lake which is the world highest lake with size. At night you have to stay on a hotel of the place, Shree Kharka which can cost almost $10-$20.
      Day 5. Shree Kharka to Thorang Fedi : On this day you have to be well prepared because you will get lot’s of snow falls on the way and can also cause altitude sickness. You should take the water bottle with you because you will get only 1-2 hotel on the way. On this day you have to trek for almost 7 hrs.
You will get the hotel on Fedi with will cost about $10-$25.
       Day 6. Thorang Fedi to Thorang Pass to Muktinath(Mustang) : On this day you have to  be more prepared than other days because Thorang Pass is on almost 5,416 m above from sea level. You have to do trek almost whole day. On this day you will reach the hindu famous temple named ‘Muktinath’ or we can say Mustang. You can get lot’s of hotel near Muktinath with will cost almost $10-$50.
        Day 7. Stay/Muktinath-Pokhara/Muktinath-Jomsome : On this day you can have a stay and visit the places of lo-mustang or you can also go to Pokhara by bus or also you can go Jomsom from Muktinath and can take a flight to Pokhara from Jomsom. To stay on Jomsom it cost around $15-$40.
       Day 8. Jomsom-Pokhara: If you stay on Jomsom on day 7 then you can reach Pokhara on day 8 bu Bus or Flight. Flight cost around $70-$150 and bus cost around $5-$10 and you can also take a car/taxi which around $20. And on Pokhara you can get lot of hotels which cost around $5-$300.
      Day 9. Pokhara to Kathmandu: This is the last day of journey, you can take a direct flight from Pokhata to kathmandu which cost almost $40-$90 and you can also take a Bus which cost from $3-$20 per person.
       So, That was the full plan for the amazing holiday trip of Manang to Mustang.
                 Note: On this trip you have to carry a trekking bag, trekking stick, water bottle, thick clothes, gloves, etc..The temperature on the way of Thorang Pass can be from 1 degree celsius to -5. 

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                                              Pic: Thorang La Pass
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Writer: Sagun Poudel


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