Shaswat Dham (CG Temple)

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             Shaswat Dham (CG Temple)

       In the busy city like Chitwan, it’s very hard to find a peaceful place to relax with some fresh air. So, a place like Shaswatdham or generally called ‘CG Temple’ is blessing it self. It lies on the Nawalpur district. CG Temple is not just a temple, you can have lot of fun with blessing from God. Here is every thing you need to know to visit CG Temple..
    The main features of CG Temple are gurukul, yoga classes, religious museum, digital religious library and a Shiva temple with unique facilities. 


     The Temple is surrounded by the small man made lake and the lot’s of colourful lights are installed with makes temple very beautiful on night too..

   1.How to reach?

      CG Temple lies on the side of Mahendra highway and around 25 km west from center city Chitwan. You can get a bus to CG from Pokhara Buspark of Chitwan. Bus can cost you about $0.6-$1. .

2. Cost of Ticket…

      You don’t need to pay for ticket to enter the Temple but if you want to visit museum then the ticket of museum will cost you about $1-$2..

So, here you have got all the information related CG Temple..Note:  You can’t carry your Dsrl camera while entering from main gate but you can take by paying $3-$4 due to security reason..

Writer: Sagun Poudel


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